Ju Gup Ja May 2023

During the month of May 2023, a new modality was implemented in grade exams, through the application of diagnostic tests at least 2 weeks prior to their exam. This activity was led by the instructors from the metropolitan region, who attended another dojang in order to strengthen their connection with the students, reduce their anxiety regarding the exam, and be able to provide timely feedback to the applicants.

On April 29, 2 students from Limache took their exam, with the presence of the National Appointee Diego Olguín KS. A great technical level and a pleasant atmosphere of camaraderie were demonstrated.

On May 13, all the students of the Metropolitan region, including students from the Ciudad del Este, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Padre Hurtado, Walker Martinez and Ñuñoa dojangs, took a joint exam for the 68 candidates for grades 9 to 6 Gup. 

The instructors present were:

  • Diego Olguín (#41681 –  Sam Dan)
  • Daniel Oviedo (#43589 – Sam Dan)
  • Sebastián Atal (# 44724 – Sam Dan)
  • Luis Pablo Silva – (#52609 – Cho Dan)