Ju Gup Ja Shim Sa and Metropolitan Region Seminar, January 2023.

Under the guidance of Francisco Rafael Blotta (7º Dan #29030)

  • The instructors present were:
  • Diego Olguín (#41681 –  Sam Dan)
  • Daniel Oviedo (#43589 – Sam Dan)
  • Sebastián Atal (# 44724 – Sam Dan)
  • Natalia Orduña (49409 – Sam Dan) 
  • Daniel Cantillana (#51806 – E Dan)
  • Luis Pablo Silva – (#52609 – Cho Dan)

Francisco Rafael Blotta Sa Bom Nim developed the Regional seminar with a focus on Kyo Cha Rip Jaseh and the variants in the techniques that we can use from this position.

Various students with different degrees participated and the instructors were present at all times to collaborate in the activity.

The commitment of parents and guardians to Moo Duk Kwan is highlighted, giving the necessary support to our students at all times.

SOO BAHK!!!!!!