Symposium 2023 and visit to Mendoza

Viaje de el Designaado de Chile a Mendoza

Last Friday, June 2, the designated one from Chile; Diego Olguín Ávila KS, was present in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, to carry out a series of relevant events for WMDK.

Among the activities that KS developed, the training on Friday stands out, where practices typical of his program were carried out with Francisco R. Blotta (7th Dan).

On Saturday, together with Argentina's designated Francisco B. Blotta SBN (8th Dan), he participated in the Ju Gup Ja Shim Sa of the Mendoza region.

After this, he participated in the Annual World Moo Duk Kwan Symposium, with the presence of our Kwan Jang Nim H. C. Hwang, together with the designees of each country. In company with Francisco B. Blotta SBN, they demonstrated the application techniques of Ship Dan Khum E Ro. 

The days were marked by a close climate of honest fraternity and friendship, as dictated by Mission 2000.

SOO BAHK!!!!!!